Kitchen Decorating Tips

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Ahhh, the kitchen!  Once upon a time it was closed off from the rest of the home, but now it’s where all the action takes place and where we spend most of our time; and where we do most of our entertaining.

So much so in fact that most newer floor plans have an ‘open-concept’ kitchen and family room layout, which allows us to be in the kitchen and interact with the rest of the family and guests.

Just as with any other room in your home, before planning on how to decorate your kitchen, consider how you live…and use these 5 simple tips to help you give the heart of your home a well-deserved update:

 Colour: a quick and inexpensive way to update your kitchen is to paint the walls or cabinets.  If you prefer to keep these neutral, add colourful appliances, wall decor or accessories.

Eating Area:  add a generous sized table for eating family dinners, doing homework, or game night – YAY!  Place a large area rug under the table to anchor the space and to add a pop of colour or texture.

Kitchen Island:  add some counter stools for additional seating, as well as an inexpensive way to incorporate a pop of colour into the room while still keeping the main parts of the kitchen neutral.

Storage: using open shelving units are a great way to use vertical square footage; especially in smaller kitchens.

Lighting: instead of just the standard pot or recessed lighting, layer the lighting effect in your kitchen by using drop pendants or chandeliers hung from the ceiling for a whimsical twist.

Now that you’re inspired to decorate your kitchen, we invite you to come visit our Decorium showroom where we have a huge variety of tables, lighting, counter stools, rugs, wall decor, and much, much more to help make your kitchen look beautiful!

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